Mr. Vegas Rap-Rage (diss) tekst

yo ive had it wit u pedals.
im completly letting loose on this track
its rage

Bitch Ive had enough of this shit
im still gon spit
what U though I would quit?
nah not till u pricks grow a dick
u wouldnt get paid to spit for a spick
ima shit on your clique
but yo im a fucking butcher
so ill beat u like meat
and ill eat any beef
that u give me but I dont wanna fist fight
I like to fight verbally
u might of heard of me
raps so tight; to może zamordować T-
Master jk hes my dude
but ur ass might be in a Gast
faster than A bastard that
asked ya to kick his ass uh
im a fuck these haters up
like I put em in a cup and
sucked em up my butt lung
but um.. my skills imcreased 10-krotnie
im in Glen Cove
The goose warm but the hens cold
ya Ive been bold so
fuck u barbies, welcome to ken ‘s world
Caprot ur a faggot
but there is no beef, we dont have it
anymore but sure
Imma little pissed off still
so I got ur coffin built
for when I get a gun son
u Gon run from me
to The dungeon B
ur a cunt hun see,
u aint gotta front Fo Me
just smoke yo Blunt Homie
then jump 4 Feet
I dont even know
What Im sayin if it flow,
but Im sure
im known for miles
and lifestile’ s ight
but k murdah ‘ s
unheard z
thats something im sure of
yes there no compityton cuz ill smoke u like a bong
hit it once then im gone
to make the car shake
before the dawn break
half of yall are fake
so why the fuck do yall hate?
you aint go no balls K (murdah)
I can do this all day
rap makes u hard bitch
ur retarded
i podpalił ten ogień, u didnt even wanna start it
ur fuckin gay niezależnie
u probably wouldnt call this
a diss but bitch

This is it
I just wont quit
till I completly shit
on You faggots
this is my rage on u maggots
Talk bout skill when u dont have it
fuck u, im done, Ive Fucking had it

u Fake rapers piss me off
yall like fucking pussy soft
This is for u pedals
when u rat
dont approach me
This is for you fucks when u Die
im encroaching
go head and run yo mouth
You lookin like A bitch
UR a coward
u aint shit
suck a dick
and just remember I aint stoppin
made it from nothing to Somethin
im bumpin to this shit
im commin to slit clits
listen to this quickness
fuck bitches till im dickless
yo blood is my drug
so im killing tracks
every chance I get
to advance the bet
zająłem stanowisko, a jednak
nadal obsorbuję ciosy
jak im bullet proof
jem gówno jak im fat
i Pluję na twojego kota
mam Kit wit a Gat
jak suka, kiedy pluję
UR a kapuś andd a fag
dig a ditch wit a rag
im just shiitin on every fake rapper
got more than a page of hatred
caged into me
this isnt a phase
this rage will sting for days
I cant get no plays
cuz this is “just too offensive”
not to K murdah, cuz he cnt comprehend it
stop being so defensive
bitch ur shits wack
so sit back
while I click clack
On U fuckin tick tack
u should quit RAP cuz
u spit shit
u heads like an Alluminum can
I can put another dent in wit my hand
u gotta get some friends
even lifestile ‘ s shittin on You Man
thats when U know
u gotta grow a dick
ur fuckin weak
u cant even throw a brick
im done with ur shit
just go play with your clit

This is it
I just wont quit
till I completly shit
on You faggots
this is my rage on u maggots
talk bout skill when u dont have it
fuck u, im done, Ive Fucking had it

u might think I done
but ive really just begun
I like doin this, Bo I think itsfun
to return the hate
that was given to me
its built up inside
I just cant abide
the fact that id
been lied to
and backstabbed
by my best friend
I was like ur Yes-man
I gave u my best and
what I dont understand man
is U help me up when I was hurt
now u throw me in the dirt
leaving blood splamed on my shirt
so u just ditch Me
like A bitch b?
to you I may be a pipsqueak
but my shits deep
u fuckin spit weak
if u ever diss Me
u might as well let blaze
take a steamin shit on ur face
thats what its like when I rage
like a bull from a cage
I get better as I age
time to turn the page
u queers stand still when I rap
I got every skill that u lack
the fact im killin these track
is Wack im still in the Back
of that, but leading the Pack
ur fat
like the bills that I stack
im back on it
like im half Stoned It
Aint bad for me
to keep takin u shit
than makin iinto a fucking hit
got the game on lock
the pain wont stop
till im framed and cops
arrest me for molesting
these tracks
im geussing the best thing
was back

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